2096 S LYNN RIGGS BLVD, CLAREMORE, OK, 74019-8712 

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Top 100 Overall Excellence  (2010)
Top 100 Chinese Buffet  (2009)


Reviewed by: okeyboh48 on: 2019/9/2 5:42:05
Prices way to high $ 40.00 for 3 people
Reviewed by: vsmith on: 2019/5/16 12:14:22
horrible food Wednesday night. dried up, like it was left over from the lunch buffet!!! Probably ruined the chance that I would ever return!!!!
Reviewed by: ec2chen on: 2019/1/16 11:24:45
these are not the right prices, price is posted right when you walk in! thank you!
Reviewed by: celticefan2017 on: 2018/1/19 16:00:59
Was very disappointed in the Buffet .. The chicken all tasted like fish .. not sure if you are cooking both in same grease or it is because you put chicken next to fish in the buffet area .. you should really put fish in one section and chicken in another
Reviewed by: crumb1 on: 2014-06-27
I would not eat at this location, if it was the last place in Claremore, ok. Was dirty and flies everywhere, flies come from larva (i.e. MAGGOTS). Yet owner was still insistent we pay even though we were not there for 10 minutes and did not eat. Just sad. Wish we had a better, authentic Asian place to eat at around here.
Reviewed by: aacc on: 2010-10-18
atmosphere is stupendous. All food is delicious. Best buffet I found in Oklahoma or California.
Reviewed by: d on: 2010-08-19
Reviewed by: 424315458 on: 2010-08-19
good service,food are delicious! I like there
Reviewed by: Samul on: 2010-08-16
only thing I would say.... They did a great job!
Reviewed by: 123456vat on: 2010-08-13
The place could be the best chinese buffet in Oklahoma. I live in Tulsa and can't find a better buffet in town.
Reviewed by: 123456cats on: 2010-08-13
oh my god im speechless this is like the best buffet ever if you love shrimp and sushi
Reviewed by: julie on: 2010-08-05
Reviewed by: zz_hc on: 2010-08-04
I love their crab legs so much.
Reviewed by: zz_hc on: 2010-08-04
I love their crab legs so much.
Reviewed by: zz_hc on: 2010-07-30
Great food.
Reviewed by: zz_hc on: 2010-07-30
Great food.
Reviewed by: Jenny M. on: 2007-01-17
Great food, great buffet, it could stand a good paint job inside and decorator but I love the food. The even have crab legs and shrimp for the seafood lovers. ...?