420 W 31St, Chicago, IL, 60616-3116
  • Minimum $10.00 for delivery. delivery within 4.0 Miles.

Type:Dine in,Take out,Carry Out,Catering,Delivery

Cuisine:Chinese Food,Asian,Asian fusion,Japanese,Sushi


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Chinese Kitchen, just as the name implies, provides top-notch Chinese food catered to the American palate. Established in 1995, it has distinguished itself from other Chinese restaurants through providing healthy food and great service at a reasonable price.

Lacking an ostentatious interior, Chinese Kitchen instead focuses on food and service. To appeal to a large group of diners, Chinese Kitchen offers various dishes such as Kung Po Beef, Shrimp with Cashew, Hong Sue Pork, and Sweet and Sour Chicken. Featuring take-out and delivery, Chinese Kitchen has built a reputation for fast delivery by promising that deliveries will arrive within 30 minutes after an order is placed.

Nestled near Chinatown, Chinese Kitchen draws foodies of all ethnicities including many Chinese Americans. It can be challenging for Chinese Kitchen to live up to everyone’s’ expectations but the restaurant still manages to do so by catering to a variety of different tastes. Not surprisingly, Gong has always embraced tackling difficult tasks and through this has been able to keep Chinese Kitchen going strong over the years.

Having been in the restaurant business for over 20 years, Gong truly understands both the industry and everything that affects it. Always looking out for both his customers and employees, he makes sure to identify and keep up with current culinary and management trends. His approach has helped him stay ahead of his competitors and it appears that the restaurant has a very bright future.