708 Simon Ave, Carroll, Iowa 51401, CARROLL, IA, 51401-2224 
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Hunan Chinese Restaurant is a time-tested Chinese restaurant in Carroll, Iowa. Established in 1987, this Chinese restaurant has provided hearty meals to delight its customers for over twenty years. Time has witnessed the restaurant to develop into a fine establishment from a humble eatery. In 1997, the restaurant was renovated and redecorated, and the space was augmented, which enable the restaurant to hold more customers, who crave for Chinese dishes.

This dine-in restaurant offers a wide selection of Szechuan, Hunan and also Mandarin dishes. Over 200 dishes are listed on the menu, and quite a few among them have been widely applauded. Chicken Chow Mein, Pepperada Chicken, Pepper Steak, Beef with Broccoli, Sizzling Rice Shrimp, Hunan Seafood Combination, Hunan Triple with Garlic Sauce, and Two Flavor Beef and Chicken are just a few items among the most popular ones.

Stepping into the restaurant, you may notice there are two pictures of the Iowa State Governor and the owner of the restaurant, Kai Lau. They were taken in 1989 and 2011 respectively. Twenty-two years have passed, and the Governor still remembered Hunan Chinese Restaurant. He, as a representative of the whole state, thinks highly of the restaurant, which makes the painstaking efforts of Kai worthwhile. 

The unique, modern and comfortable chairs and tables, the clean and tidy kitchen, the surrounding beautiful scenery and spacious parking lot, all contribute to the great reputation of Hunan Chinese Restaurant. You really need to try the classic dishes in here.