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1003 11Th Ste, E Hwy 5 EAST, BOTTINEAU, ND, 58318-1857

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The common theme throughout China Inn restaurant in Bottineau, North Dakota, is harmony. Owner, Susan Tam, uses harmonious management style and builds harmonious relationships with her staff members and customers. “I am strict with my staff during business hours, but I treat them like family after work hours,” she explains. “I have faith that this concept will finally help me stand out and succeed.”

The casual, dine-in restaurant is filled with classical Chinese elements to pique the customers’ interest about Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese paintings adorn the walls and the floors are covered with carpet to give the restaurant a warm ambiance.

The restaurant offers a combination of Americanized Hunan, Szechuan, and Cantonese food. The dishes are prepared with using a variety of methods, stir-frying and steaming being the most popular and every dish is cooked using 100 percent vegetable oil. The house specialties are Hong Kong Dim Sum, Shaomai and Shrimp Dumplings.

Timely and friendly service can always be expected at China Inn. The staff members are very aware of what the different customers are looking for. They give warm greetings and always have positive attitudes. Additionally, they conduct a thorough cleaning in the restaurant every day. “Keeping the restaurant clean is an important part of the operation,” says Susan.

A goal that Susan has reached was to become a neighborhood restaurant. By always satisfying the customers, Susan has created a positive reputation for the restaurant, bringing customers in again and again.


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