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1935 BARNETT SHOALS RD, ATHENS, GA, 30605-3625

Type:Full service



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Peking Restaurant

Cuisine: Szechwan cuisine and Peking cuisine
Years in Business: 10 years
Restaurant Space: 6000 square feet
Services Offered: General dine-in service

Restaurant Briefing:
Situated in the suburb area of Athens, Peking Restaurant has been dedicated to serve since 1997. We offer spectacular views and exceptional service at affordable price that you are sure to enjoy. Our executive chef Mr. Zhang, who is also the owner of restaurant, only uses the best and freshest ingredients to provide you with dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. In 1975, he worked for a five-star hotel as the executive chef in South Korea; during 1975 to 1979. Among his accomplishments is the time where he cooked for the Korean president Park Chung Hee. In 1978, he prepared a large meal for the renowned Chinese artist Zhang Daqian when Mr. Zhang held the art exhibition in Korea. While running his restaurant in America, the restaurant owner had been serving as the chairman of Atlanta Restaurant Association for 12 years, which has helped him accumulate extensive experience. Under his effective management strategy, we keep improving the restaurant while following four points: keeping sanitary conditions, keep our passionate and hospitable service attitude; keep using the freshest ingredients, and keeping our reasonable price. Welcome to our restaurant and try our service by yourself!
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