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Nothing could stop Rice Garden's growth, including Katrina. In 2005 its annual turnover topped 30 million. In 12 years since its debut in California, it expanded into 81 restaurants, 70 of which are company owned and the rest licensed. Every day, as many as 25,000 of Rice Garden's chain stores offer yummy food and pleasant service to patrons as across the States.  

Freshness is the signature of dishes crafted by Rice Garden's chefs, who insist everything, from ingredients to condiments, must be fresh. Garden is expert in the preparation of Chinese food that has been accepted by the mainstream of American society. While being aware of different demands it manages to cater for diners of all walks of life. 

The management system of Rice Garden consists of four levels and is characterized by clear lines of communication between employees, the restaurant manager, the regional manager and the CEO. Andy Fung and Siu Hon Lung, owners of the Garden, are convinced that rational structure and coherent disciplines are especially critical in managing chain stores. Everything should be organized in a practical manner within the system. Then the employees and executives work in concert to achieve the company's goal.