1305 Shenandoah Road, Alexandria, VA, 22308-1117 

Located in Alexandria, VA, Hunan Manor provides a comfortable atmosphere rather than a luxurious one. The restaurant is located conveniently in an area of dense population with a good amount of traffic. And while there is plenty of competition in the neighborhood, time and time again customers chose Hunan Manor Hunan Manor is a modern take-out restaurant that has been making customers happy for almost four years. Hunan Manor specializes in filling orders within ten minutes. Each staff member’s main priority is to satisfy customers while saving as much of their time as possible. The menu is a shining example of Chinese culinary art with the best-selling dishes being the General Tso’s Chicken and Pineapple Fried Rice. According to the owner, Ms. Low, the restaurant’s specialty is its chicken stock. Only the best quality bones are used to make the delicious soup base and it lends its flavor to many of the dishes. The chicken at Hunan Manor is quite well known in the area for its elasticity and tenderness and it’s not unusual for people to drive from miles away to taste it. Additionally, the restaurant guarantees that each ingredient is fresh and of the highest quality. It’s not common for restaurants to use ingredients as high quality as Hunan Manor.