4710 Montgomery Blvd Ne, Albuquerque, NM, 87109 

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Sun-Thurs 11am~9 pm
Fri-Sat 11am~10pm
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Major city
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Average Price
Less than $5.99
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Main Stream Americans

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Top 100 Chinese Restaurants (Overall Excellence)  (2012)
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Reviewed by: J G. on: 1/20/2013 5:35:00 PM
Nasty. Meats on the Mongolian BBQ line were quite concerning, shrimp was smelly. Vegetables long in the tooth. Too much fried food, and it was greasy, limp, and some of the fillings (I.e. spring roll) were almost fermented tasting. The best items were the OK fried rice and Kung Pau chicken and green beans. The sushi wasn't terrible. On the other hand, the service was great and our server kept us in ice water and cleared plates regularly. The bbq cook was very nice. The restaurant is clean and attractive. Will not be returning due to poor food. Personally I think Hong Kong is better for Asian buffet, but I still prefer fresh made food. Buffets are good to take your huge college students, though. We went mid afternoon.
Reviewed by: Pam H. on: 1/5/2013 2:22:00 AM
Went tonight with friends, good food, fresh and hot, good selection. I love a good Chinese buffet and tonight this fit the bill. We are visiting from Calif, so the price is reasonable to us. Service was efficient and friendly.
Reviewed by: Michael O. on: 12/5/2012 6:36:00 AM
Their food is usually pretty good but their prices are slightly high for a buffet tho, about $25.00 for two people. Regardless, I would certainly recommend this buffet to anyone. It's quality, always fresh Chinese and Japanese food and an abundance of it. Their sushi isn't that bad either. It works in a pinch anyway.The only con to this restaurant to us would be who we dubbed, "The Miso Monster." He, (we think he's the owner) usually guards the front desk with absolute intensity and typically seats you with a super stern expression on his face. He also usually postures as though he's in partial rigor. (?) Anyway here's the kicker, even though he's JUST watched you pay for your meals, he'll scour your receipt as though you're quite possibly some kind of a Mongolian felon. He also makes damn GOOD AND CERTAIN you've paid for EVERYTHING you're about to shove down your gullet. Including any drinks. He'll also watch you as you leave just in case you've made off with any Crab Rangoon in your sweatpants. Thankfully he stops just before performing any exit pat downs. In closing, The Miso Monster never smiles but when (or if) he ever does, it's usually just really, really disturbing.Anyway, happy eats!
Reviewed by: Destiny P. on: 9/11/2012 8:50:00 AM
good food, im from cali and this is the first place we found that comes close to the chinese food from cali and it was pretty expensive so we only went there like 2 times so if ur from cali or u want to try good not great chinese food just go here.
Reviewed by: Rhonda S. on: 4/27/2012 2:00:00 AM
Fancy place, isn't it? Fancier than any Chinese buffet I've ever been to. You enter, and there's a really cool fountain facing you, and a very pretty chandelier. I went there close to 4:00, and I got the lunch price. Not bad.They have an aisle of Chinese food, but along with that, is Americanized food, and I like, other reviewers don't care for French fries on my Chinese buffet.I was starving, and the food was quite good. What stuck out in my mind were the green beans, just a bit of red pepper flakes on them. Also, I liked the sesame chicken. I had kind of wanted to be mostly vegetarian while in Albuquerque, but that kind went flat. The mushrooms here are not canned, I was looking for that, cause I've seen places here in Alb use canned mushrooms, and well...I can do the same.The broccoli was very good.The Mongolian barbecue takes up an entire wall, the line was long with a large family, and I didn't get to try it. I didn't try the desserts, but it was just okay looking. I'll probably be back while I'm here. Pretty good food for the money.

Lin's Buffet

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