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About Our Restaurant
Our restaurant is located in Winston-Salem, an area of the beautiful North Carolina, we look forward to seeing you in our buffet restaurant. We wish to provide the best of our food and service for you ! Hope that you will feel satisfy to all our effort, our motto is Customer always Number 1.
We are a Chinese food Restaurant with more than 240 seats, because we came from Hong Kong, so we name it as HONG KONG KING BUFFET.
Since Hong Kong is an international city, where the East meet with the West. Therefore, our buffet also design to have different varities of foods including Pizza, Salad, American style food, French fires, Fired Chicken, Mongolian Grill, Steaks, Ribs etc...
Our menu also included a full list of different kinds of Chinese dishes for our customers to Stay-In or Order-To-Go.
We try our best to included all different kinds of seafood that we can find in Winston-Salem (e.g. Lobsters, oysters, mussels, clams, snow crab legs, vancouver crabs & shrimps etc....)
Despite others Chinese Buffet Restaurant, we wish to provide different kinds of delicious food to our customers, we welcome customer’s comments and keep on improving the quality of our food to suit our customer’s needs and comments.
Although we have more then 6 number of Buffet Bars and one mongolian grill, which serving over a hundred kinds of foods to our customers, but we still look forward to bring more different kinds of delicious food for you.