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  • Reviewed by: devonq78    on:
    I order chicken and I would’ve rather ate a brick off a house then that chicken. I will make my mission to let everyone know new China is a bad Chinese place to eat. I asked if they would remake it soft or a refund they said no. Poor customer service, when you work in the fast food or any food field it’s to your customers satisfaction not worker’s satisfaction. I will never spend a pennie at this again
  • Reviewed by: joseph_owens94    on:
    I am a 42 yr old Columbia native and veteran, and I have never in my life experienced the rudeness that I did today in this establishment. This company needs to fail. It was so bad that the other people in line behind me decided to leave also and eat elsewhere.
  • Reviewed by: charleneserjeant    on:
    I'm very angry right now after trying for almost 2 hours to order food from this restaurant I find out it's in Nashville or in Columbia Tennessee I'm trying to order in Pinellas Park Florida. I'm bedridden I don't feel good I can't believe this just happened
  • Reviewed by: dougpels    on:
    I thought I must be on the wrong website after reading the comments posted by others. We ordered delivery to the local Fairfield Inn. It arrived on time and hot. My wife and I both thought it was some of the best Chinese we’ve ever eaten and we’ve eaten a lot of Asian food over the years. It was great!
  • Reviewed by: adrianbv123    on:
    Terrible very disappointed I won't recomend at all. I complained about and I couldn't even get my money back.
  • Reviewed by: mnmurphy6    on:
    I really hope they will lose their business..such asshole delivery, especially the redneck bald-headed piece of trash who DEMANDED we tipped..we have tipped before but not all the time..called to place big order, husband answered and said no longer do they deliver here because we "no tip"..WTF! well they for sure lost us as customers..why dont yall just put in delivery fee we have to pay just like pizza places do..their food is great..its the piss poor customer service that makes us no longer their customers..what a f'n joke..dont even waste your time, yall..probably spit in your food more NewChina for us!!!
  • Reviewed by: leislmccrea    on:
    Terrible food. Worst chinese food in middle Tn.and that is saying something. Gross
  • Reviewed by: beebo_1971    on:
    The food is good but the service is poor. The man is rude . He will answer the phone while you are telling him your order and he takes their order instead of asking them to hold so he can finish up with you. They leave out part of your order. They really need to listen to the complaints because they will eventually loose their business if they don’t do something about their customer service and leaving out some of the orders.