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  • Reviewed by: veronicaraeg424    on:
    I ordered on Friday evening and was charged 35.99 two times. Upon arrival, my order was wrong and I waited for the order to be made again. Can you please refund the money back?
  • Reviewed by: crystalhammond64    on:
    I am missing chicken wings from my order I just received
  • Reviewed by: s.vitale214    on:
    Picked up lunch today. There was a hair in my grandmother’s garlic chicken. My husband and I ordered Salmon Boy and the sushi tasted extremely fishy. After one bite we decided to throw it away. Hoping we don’t get sick. We’ve been coming here for years, very disappointed in the food and service.
  • Reviewed by: sepatt    on:
    Picked up a Westminster roll and spicy tuna tonight. I didn’t get soy and wasabi and Westminster roll wasn’t done correctly. Still had u-peeled shrimp in it. Not the best. If you want me to return respond!
  • Reviewed by: musicalbarbie    on:
    I ordered Pad Thai and Combination Lo Main last evening. Both me and my husband were sick all night long. Won’t be ordering from you again.
  • Reviewed by: blair.alexandra33    on:
    Delivery hello I am an avid delivery order from your restaurant often, the time it takes to deliver is ridiculous. I placed an order over 2 hours ago and it has still not arrived.
  • Reviewed by: dalton0519    on:
    Serious. I order here often and I have to ask...what is the deal with the miniature rice packs with the meal? Lowest cost highest.margin item and you ration it like its some exotic food like king 21 bux a pop seems you could afford the ample supply to.coincide.with the meal.size. s mfh
  • Reviewed by: sdodson    on:
    Hello - we just received our order from the delivery person but it is wrong. I tried calling but you are already closed. We ordered and paid for 2 Alaska Rolls but we received 2 asparagus rolls. This was not what we ordered we even have the receipt here that shows two Alaska rolls.