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  • Reviewed by: lyndab5213    on:
    Your food is very good, I enjoyed my order very much, but I have to say: the beef with cumin and spicy sauce was way too spicy! Upon inspection, there were an extraordinary amount of chopped dried chiles in the order. The first few bites rendered my tastebuds blind to the rest of the dish, all I could taste was hot. I had to discard the dried chiles to continue eating the food. Even so, the heat content was a bit over the top. Perhaps dial it down on the use of the chiles in the future? The beef slices were so tender and the cumin and other spices are so flavorful, it's a shame to cover that up with too much hot spicy content. Just enough hot to get that heat but still taste the other great things in the dish too. We also had the wonton soup and mixed vegetable, and they were so tasty. Feel free to email me back, I would love to hear back from you.
  • Reviewed by: krishna7774kumar    on:
    Awesome content in our blog must read it.
  • Reviewed by: plowenhaupt    on:
    We will be there as soon as you reopen!!!! We hope you are all well and looking forward to seeing you soon.??
  • Reviewed by: colin    on:
    Hi Zoe's Gourmet Chinese Cuisine team, I hope you are doing well during this time. I wanted to let you know that our group of MIT engineers is developing a platform that boosts delivery revenue up to 10-40% by automatically optimizing prices and identifying recurring customers! We're partnering with a small group of restaurants who will receive the platform for free as beta users. If this sounds interesting to you, please let me know and I can share more on the opportunity.
  • Reviewed by: test    on:
  • Reviewed by: leeyjoo    on: 2015-07-06
    I ordered Dry Diced Chicken with Hot Chilli, Kung pao chicken, and double cooked pork tonight. The f
  • Reviewed by: scsloan    on:
    We miss the Zoe for lunch!!! When are you going to reopen?