Zoe's Gourmet Chinese Cuisine

The culture of Chinese Cuisine is Long-standing and well established. It is considered a "bright star" among worldwide culinary arts. The ways of preparation may vary nevertheless, the most distinctive eight styles include:

LU-northern Shandong, Chuan-Sichuan, Su-Jiangsu, Yue-Guangdong and Guangxi, ZHE-Zhejiang, Xiang-Hunan, Min-Fujian-southeast, Hui-Anhui.

These eight peparation styles consist of their own characteristic use of ingredients and presentations, which have even been personified: the Su-Zho dishes have been described as delicate Jiang Nan beauties; The Lu-Wan dishes are like simple, blunt and strong northern fellows: the Yue-Min dishes have described as elegant dandies while Chuan-Xiang have been regarded as Famous and multi-talented scholars.

The specialties of our restaurant have hot only synthesized the characteristics of these eight distinctive styles but also have modified some of the traditional techniques and created our own unique features in Chinese cooking. We combine the quintessence of the East and West culinary arts in order to best serve the gourmet tastes of every diner.