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  • Reviewed by:    on:
    My husband and I order their lunch specials and have them delivered. It's so convenient. So far so good for a fast food take out restaurant. Our food is always done right; not oily or dry and their portions are much larger and they don't bombard me with celery or carrots unlike a few other places I ordered from. The only negative is when I ordered a spicy dish (the red pepper symbol on the side), it wasn't very spicy at all. I will mention that the next time I order. I like spice!
  • Reviewed by:    on:
    Decent standard chinese take-out...with delivery. What I like best about China Pearl is that somehow even after waiting 45 mins to an hour on weekend evenings for delivery, the General Tso's is still crispy and delicious. It's their most redeeming quality. I normally get pork chow mai fun at most Chinese places, but China Pearl's is a little too oily for me.Combo dishes are skimpy on the broccoli, which some people see as a plus but I see as a negative.
  • Reviewed by: vincentrparker    on: 2015-08-10
    I've been going to China Pearl for probably 10 years now. The food is always consistent and good, they are always friendly. Delivery for me is usually 30-40 minutes weekdays, 45-60 weekends. Very worth it. I never order small. :D
  • Reviewed by: rick.smith    on: 2013-08-10
    Thanks again! Don't forget simplisafe!
  • Reviewed by: rick.smith    on: 2013-07-16
    Thanks for coming out in the rain!
  • Reviewed by: rick.smith    on: 2013-06-30
    Awesome thanks again!
  • Reviewed by: rick.smith    on: 2013-06-22
    Awesome, thanks again for another fantastic meal~!
  • Reviewed by: rick.smith    on: 2013-06-22
    Fantastic, highly recommended~!