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Chinese Wisdom

Chinese Abacus, the Miraculous Calculator

From the Greek word "ABAX", meaning "calculating board" or "calculating table". Invented by the Chinese, the first record of the abacus was from a sketch of one in a book from the Yuan Dynasty (14th Century). Its Mandarin name is "Suan Pan" which means "caculating plate". Chinese abacus is often ref

Steelyard, a Wonderful Chinese Scale

A Chinese steelyard is an instrument used to measure weight. Chinese steelyard balance with ivory beam, brass pan and counterpoise. It uses a bob that moves on the scale stem and changes the ratio of the lever to measure. Commonly called dotchins these scales are usually used by peddlers and retail

Ancient Coinage, Approaching the Past

The history of Chinese coinage remains one of the most important chapters in China’s cultural history...

Ink Stones, the Fourth Treasure

Over the years numerous rules were developed and popularized in relation to the making of brushes, ink, paper and inkstones...

Sedan Chairs, Funny Way to Travel

The sedan or sedan chair (Jiaozi), a traditional vehicle of transportation carried by bearers...