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Famous Trees & Flowers

Orchid, Nobleness in Solitude

Orchids (lan, 蘭) have been very popular and in cultivation for centuries in China and other Eastern Asian countries. In China, orchids are not only prized for their fragrant blooms and graceful appearance, but also have a moral impact on Chinese culture and society.

Chrysanthemum, the flower of hermits

With a growing history of more than 3,000 years, the chrysanthemum was first cultivated in China as a flowering plant as early as 15th Century B.C. Being a special local product of China, it usually blossoms out around the Double Ninth Festival (ninth day of the ninth lunar month). The flower has lo

Potted Landscape, a Miniature Fairyland

Potted landscape art, praised as "silent poetry", is made by putting artistic touches on the plants, stones stored in a pot as an ornament or a miniature of natural beauty. It is amazing that in a pot no larger than a washbasin, the ingenious craftsmen create a miniature reproduction of a natural sc

Plum Blossom: the Chinese Cold Beauty

Plum blossom, one of China's top-10 flowers, enjoys a fond reputation among the Chinese people for its quiet coloring...

As Pure As Lotus Flower

Chinese peoples have close feelings about lotus. Artists painted lotus...