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Asian Instruments

Suona, the Passionate Rhythm

The suona, the Chinese oboe that is sometimes called a trumpet, is the loudest Chinese instrument, and is so passionate and lively that it frequently sets the rhythm and beat for a band. The instrument is typically used in the woodwind section of traditional instrument orchestras in China.

The Melodious Flute

Cha Chan Teng (literally meaning tea restaurant in Cantonese) goes far beyond being a fast food choice for most Hong Kong people today; rather, it has become an indispensable part of the past living style with the richest local flavor, which is a collective memory planted deeply in Hong Konger's min

Guzheng, a Taste for the Eastern Tune

The spirit of Chinese music is deeply rooted in Confucian philosophy: Music is the harmony of Tian and Di...

Pipa, a Touch of the Orient

One of the most characteristic sounds in classical Chinese music comes from the pipa...