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Local Favorites

Beijing Imperial Desserts

Beijing Imperial desserts, as the name suggests, consists of desserts once prepared exclusively for the imperial family.

Eight Treasures Rice Pudding

Eight-Treasures Rice Pudding (Babaofan) is a well known traditional Chinese dessert, cooked with sticky rice and 8 different freshly dried fruits and nuts.

Cha Chan Teng, a Culinary Legacy

Cha Chan Teng (literally meaning tea restaurant in Cantonese) goes far beyond being a fast food choice for most Hong Kong people today; rather, it has become an indispensable part of the past living style with the richest local flavor, which is a collective memory planted deeply in Hong Konger's min

Yum Cha, a Cantonese Style

"Yum Cha" (飲茶) (literally meaning “drinking tea”) is originally a Cantonese custom of people having breakfast together with family or friends. Roughly translated as “a little delicacy,” Dim Sum is the edible counterpart of Yum Cha. There’re usually plenty of choices of Dim Sum (small dishes) like Sh

Shaanxi Noodles, a Wonderful Artwork

Just like pasta to Italy, noodle is the staple food for the people in Northern China...

Cantonese: Growing up with Herbal Tea

Guangdong is a province in southern China located in a sub-tropical zone. The high temperatures and humidity...

China Wine: Rebirth of an Ancient Tradition

The origins of fermenting and drinking wine in China go far back in time...

Preserved Stuff For A Savory Winter

There has been a long tradition for the Chinese to make preserved meat in the winter months...

Xinjiang Savory Brings You A Prairie Flavor

Food in Xinjiang has much more of a Central Asian flavor than elsewhere in China. Many of the dishes use Turkish and Islamic spices and flavorings; Lambs are roasted and served whole; Pancakes are presented in the shape of a tower; and rice is eaten with the hands (though the staple food here is not

Have A Grape Time In Turpan

Grapes were first grown in Turpan—an oasis town in the Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region...

An Asian Twist on Omelet

Besides using in western omelet, egg is also a versatile wrapper for many of the Chinese dishes...

Autumn's Golden Greats

Autumn is a wonderful time when Nature is preparing for a nice long winter sleep, but before it all goes, it shows off all of its beauty with myriads of bright colors, among which golden being the most charming one...

Beat The Freeze:Clay Pot Dishes Warm You Up

Clay pots have been used for cooking since ancient times by many cultures. Here the article specifically means the Chinese clay pot, which is also called “sand pot”, due to its sandy coating which helps retain heat...

Grab a Hairy Crab

China’s favorite autumn activity is upon us: eating hairy crab. Having crabs under the full moon, drinking wines, appreciating the chrysanthemum blossoms and writing poems with friend...